1. Over the last month we’ve… 

  7. More pics

  8. Finished dresser 2.  Dark French grey with antique brass and mother-of-pearl knobs.  The cream paint has been left underneath the grey if distressing is desired and the drawers are painted an off-white shade.  Love it.  Will be hard to sell this piece but it will soon be on etsy and/or craigslist.  Sigh. 

  9. I love how dresser 2 (aka grey dresser) turned out.  A few coats of wax, G and I decided, would be the way to go for a more matte look.  (Unlike the poly finish we put on dresser 1/blue dresser.)  Once I get it settled into its room, I’ll get some pics.  I don’t know if I can part with it.  Until then, here’s a glimpse from our poorly lit garage-a shot that makes it look slightly purple instead of grey (still). 

  10. Shaving the dresser top down for an improved look.  The condition of the back as purchased from craigslist seller.  Some tools and workspace.